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Stop Getting AIR Sick with the RELIEF BAND "Now Available"

The AIR Sick feeling can be prevented without drugs.

Now with the ReliefBand® Device, you can stop feeling air sick while fishing, boating or on a cruise ship.  In addition to preventing nausea you'll have more opportunity to enjoy fishing, boating, cruise ships, cars, flying, amusement park rides and other types of travel and entertainment without the air sick feeling to spoil your good time.



Model Includes Reusable Price

Reliefband Explorer

(Original Model)


 2 Batteries

 1 Gel Tube

YES, Replace batteries every 144 hours




Relief Band Maintenance Kit (1 Tube of Gel & 2 Batteries)

Contains 1 tube of Lectron II Conductivity Gel (2 fl oz.) which is to be applied every 3-4 hours and 2 extra batteries (CR-2025).  When the light turns to RED it's time to change the batteries and restock on your gel.




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bulletGet Dramatic Relief from the Air Sick feeling
bulletDrug-Free FDA Cleared
bulletAvailable without a prescription for feeling Air Sick
bulletEasy to use
bulletCan be used after signs of nausea appear. 
bulletRelieves Sea, Air, Car, "Thrill Ride" motion sickness

The ReliefBand® Device features:

bulletAdjustable output: One to five power setting levels to prevent nausea
bulletLight indicates operation and low battery condition
bulletAdjustable strap
bulletComes with Gel and 2 Batteries
bulletEasy to open battery door to replace batteries

The ReliefBand® Device is a watch-like device worn on the underside of the wrist to prevent the air sick feeling. When turned on, the device emits a low-level electrical pulses across two small electrodes. The ReliefBand Device is the only electronic, patented, FDA-cleared, commercially available Nausea-Vomiting device to prevent getting air sick. 


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