Prevent Motion Sickness with Magna Bands Magna Bands relieve motion sickness, sea sickness and seasickness by applying pressure on the P6 acupressure point under your wrist.  
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"Motion Sickness - Just the Facts"

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Magna Bands - Relieve Motion Sickness

Easy to use professional design with one 900 gauss bionorth (-) magnet on each band.  

Adjustable and reusable, one size fits all, 10" long x 0.8" wide wrist band uses a Velcro type strap closure. Pressure is applied with the use of a polished, 0.25" x 0.55" dia, hemisphere magnet which is permanently bonded to the band. Package of 2 bands, one for each wrists. 

The Pc-6 point on the wrist ("Inner Gate" see below) is well known by all Oriental practitioners. The combination of pressure and a magnet, when applied to this point, creates synergism. The anti-nausea straps are now enjoyed world wide by sea and land travelers, active sportsmen, anyone who experiences motion sickness. Also helpful for seasickness. Natural and drugless.

The PC-6 point is located on the palm side of the wrist. To find the PC-6 point, place your middle 3 fingers on the inside of each wrist, with the edge of third (ring) finger on the wrist crease. The PC-6 point is just under the edge of your index finger (ie 1.5" to 2" from the wrist crease) between the two central tendons. Position the magnet button facing downward over this point. Adjust the tension on the band to suit your own personal comfort.  

For best results, the PC-6 point should be pressed and released repeatedly. Press the hemisphere button firmly against the PC-6 point with the thumb for 5 to 1 seconds, release and repeat. Wear until your journey is over

Magna Band Acupressure Bracelets 

(Two in Package-  Color-Beige )


Two bracelet's are included in each package.

bulletNo drugs or side effects.
bulletWater proof
bulletSafe for children and adults


Perfect for Land, Sea, and Air Travel, also for morning and motion sickness. 

Take the Magna Band along to help control that awful queasy feeling. The Magna Band is drug-free, non-invasive, comfortable and easy to wear.