"Motion Eaze works! The seas off Grenada in the Windward Islands convinced me of that in a hurry. Looking through the black and white viewfinders of big television cameras aboard a boat that is pitching and tossing will unsettle even the strongest stomachs. Every time one of our crew became queasy, a quick dab of Motion Eaze brought immediate relief. 

The proof lies in the performance. Producing "Mark Sosinís Saltwater Journal" does not afford us the luxury of succumbing to mal de mer or even a tinge of motion discomfort. We pack Motion Eaze on every shoot now with the same care that we use for tapes and batteries. Without enough tape and batteries, you don't have a show. And, the same can be said for Motion Eaze."

Mark J. Sosin

Learn more about Mark and his show, "Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal" through his website at: www.marksosin.com 

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