Circulator 10 AC
Circulator AC
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 The Circulator -  Dry your Boots, Shoes, Skates and Cleats 
bullet Dry your Boots, Shoes and Cleats!
bulletNo More Cold Feet !
bulletNo More Smelly Boots, Shoes, or Cleats ! 

The Circulator is a silent, affordable, portable device that will deliver warm, dry air to your boots, skates, shoes or cleats.  They deliver radiant energy to generate molecular excitement resulting in warm dry shoes.  Designed to take with you on every trip.   Circulator will easily fit into boots, shoes, sneakers and cleats.  Circulator uses two 5" x 1" tubes to deliver the drying power.   


bulletSkiers can have dry ski boots overnight
bulletAthletes can have dry odor free sneakers or cleats 
bulletOutdoor workers can go to work with dry warm boots every day
bulletDry, moist-free boots and shoes are warmer, keeping you warmer longer
bulletAC (US 110 volt) powered for your convenience 



Feet and Hands have the highest number of sweat glands per square inch


Moisture breeds fungus and bacteria that create odor and disease


Moist garments are up to 25 times colder than dry garments


Because boots, shoes and gloves are closed end garments, they do not dry well without the aid of dryers

Circulator AC-   US 120V AC Power Source   Free Shipping within the USA! 


Replaced by DG10

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