Williams Boot & Glove Dryers

Williams ski boot dryers can dry you ski boots, snowboard boots, work boots, ice skates, hockey skates, work boots, sneakers and gloves overnight.  Williams Boot Ski Boot Drying products are designed to dry all types of foot ware and gloves.  Garments are dried by forcing room temperature air through your boots and gloves creating constant circulation and evaporation.  Williams Wall and Portable Dryers come with a 24 hr. wall timer and are plug into a standard grounded 110v outlet. 

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Williams 6x6 Boot Glove Dryer Heat or No Heat
$2,749.00  $2,349.00
Williams 8x8 Boot and Glove Dryer Heat or No Heat
$2,799.00  $2,495.00
Williams 4 Pair Locker Ambient Air